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Complete customer satisfaction is the primary goal of Ripley Painting. You can expect affordable rates, neatness, timeliness, and pride in a job well done when hiring Ripley Painting. Ripley Painting is dedicated to providing the highest quality painting work with the best possible service to our customers. With Ripley Painting you get a quality experience that is unique in the painting business — and you get that experience at competitive prices.

Family Owned and operated

Randy Ripey is the owner of Ripley Painting which was started in 1963. Randy takes pride in all the details; a very reputable business has evolved by using the highest quality materials available. Randy works one on one with each client to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What Kind of paint/materials do you use? A. Ripley Painting uses Coronado , Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paints and products unless you the customer specify a specific type/brand to use.

Q. Can I buy my own paint? A. Absolutely, you may buy your paint.

Q. Do you require a deposit? A. Yes, the usual amount is 1/2 of the estimate cost depending on the job and circumstances.

Q. Do you guarantee your work? A. Yes, workmanship is guaranteed for 6 months and the paint itself is guaranteed to the length of its specifications.

View colors for your project

having trouble finding the right paint color for your project, or just would want to try out a new color on an existing room Click here to use Benjamin Moores room designer.


Interior Work

The interior of any space is where you spend the most time. Don’t accept a second rate job. Let us make the interior of your space new again. We have experience in finishing additions, and new wall surfaces. We are able to prepare unfinished dry wall for paint, or fix damaged dry wall for re-painting.

Exterior work

Do you need the exterior of your home or business painted? Ripley Painting can refinish all exterior surfaces like stucco, wood siding, aluminum siding, concrete board, vinyl siding, and brick. Having a professional grade exterior finish will keep your investment looking nice for years. We prefer Benjamin Moore products, but can use any of the leading brands at the customer preference.

When the job is done

you the customer will have paid a very affordable rate, have the exact color chosen, have complete satisfaction and the highest quality paint job you can get. Ripley Painting has received many referrals from neatness, timeliness and high customer satisfaction.

Commercial Painting

If you have a business or commercial space that needs refinished or finished for the first time we can make it happen. From a new build to dirty shop environments we have experience with it all. We are able to paint exposed ventilation, metal ceilings, metal roofs, block wall, and many more types of commercial interiors/ exteriors.

Residential Repaints

we have been doing residential painting for 32 years. With our many years of experience we are able to provide you with a fast, efficient, and professional finish you expect. From the garage, through the whole house, all the way out to the back deck and fence we have a finishing solution. Let us make your vision come to life, painting can add new life to an outdated space.

Epoxy & Urethane Floors

Ripley Painting is able to offer garage floor cleaning and re-finishing. If you’re concrete floors have oil stains, and other blemishes we are able to clean and seal the surface making them look new. If you are looking to add some style to your garage we can help with that. We are able to do any color or add colored flakes to match any theme you might be after. The floor coating systems we use are the top in the industry.

Power Washing Services

Power washing is a service Ripley Painting offers usually to prepare a house for painting. If you have mildew and mold we are able to clean it off to restore your house’s exterior. Simply spraying pressurized water onto the surface of a house is not enough. Let us use our experience to bring the siding and trim of your house back to a bright finish. Many times power washing is a pre service before a re-paint. It is crucial to remove mold and mildew before painting. If you simply paint over mildewed surfaces the mildew will cause the paint to peel shortly after. Ripley Painting can provide power washing services that will improve the look of your home.

Wood Staining & Finishing

Ripley Painting specializes in staining and painting wood trim. We are able to stain new trim, or refinish old tired looking trim. We use techniques that will last the test of time. Whether you want to change from stained trim to white painted, or just make your old trim look new we have a solution.

Deck & Siding Staining

If you’re looking to refinish your deck or siding Ripley Painting has the experience to finish the job correctly. Staining a deck is not just a quick in and out process. If the process is not done correctly, or the right materials are not used it could cost in the long run. A deck needs serviced yearly to keep the boards in good condition. When the wood splits or begins to rot the only solution is replacing them. Let Ripley Painting provide the experience needed to keep your deck or siding looking good and saving you money in the long run. If you have a new deck or wood siding surface that needs finished let us start and keep you on the right path.

Cabinet And Wood Respraying

If you want to update your old worn down cabinets give us a call. We can also change trim color and restore the finish. We are able to spray woodwork in order to provide a factory finish. This process is not just simply applying a coat of paint. We are your source for spraying cabinets, and refinishing trim the correct way.

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